The Company has been listed on the ASX since 2004 and has during that time been, and continues to be, committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance. Companies which are listed on the ASX are required by the ASX Listing Rules to comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines, insofar as the Board considers appropriate to the Company, and to explain in the Company’s corporate governance statement any divergence from those recommendations and any alternative practices that may have been adopted. Due to the current size of the Company and the scale of its operations it is neither practical nor economic for the Company to fully comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines. Accordingly, the Company has stated where it does not adhere to the ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines in its corporate governance statement, which is available on this website.

The Company has produced a series of charters, policies and codes which are designed to set out guidelines for directors, officers and employees of the Company in the performance of their duties.

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Constitution of Big River Gold Ltd

Corporate Governance Statement

Securities Trading Policy

Audit Committee Charter

Board Charter

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Shareholders Communication Policy

Diversity Policy

Social Media Policy

Nomination Committee Charter

Performance Evaluation Practices

Procedures for Selection and Appointment of Directors

Remuneration Committee Charter

Risk Management and Internal Compliance and Control