At Big River Gold, we are dedicated to achieving outstanding business results while operating in an ethical manner which benefits the company, the community and environment.


Big River Gold recognises the importance and its obligations for conducting its business in a manner that sustains and protects the earth’s environment. The company is committed to environmental principles which minimise the impact of its operations on the areas where it conducts its

Our management team works closely with the respective government agencies in order to promote local development, minimise environmental impact, and provide appropriate rehabilitation in the affected areas.

Health and Safety

Big River Gold recognises its people are the company’s most important asset. For this reason, we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees and everyone who visits our worksites.
The company provides its employees with health insurance as well as a company group life insurance. The Borborema Project relies on the services of private surveillance companies in order to ensure a safe environment to staff and visitors. The use of safety equipment is strictly enforced, both to employees and visitors. All employees are required to adhere to all company safe work practices and instructions, as well as reporting all unsafe work practices, injuries and safety incidents.

Big River Gold is constantly working on identifying and reducing the risks and hazards of all types of work activities that can potentially cause personal injury or occupational illness.


Big River Gold respects the culture and tradition of the communities in which it operates. The potential consequences our acts have on the local community are always taken into consideration in our decision-making process.
The company hires local labour whenever possible and acts closely with the community councils in order to ensure its operations do not affect the livelihood of local residents.